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Manicure License

Enrollment Fees and Requirements

Total Tuition $2,600.00
Manicure Tuition $1,980.00
Tool Kit Cost (to include Smocks, Books, etc.) $495.00
Application Fee (State of Texas) $25.00
Student Registration Fee $100.00
Down Payment(Tool Kit, App. Fee, Reg. Fee, 1st Month Tuition) $1,125.00
Tool kit will be provided within 10 days of enrollment
Monthly Payment $495.00

At the time of enrollment into the Manicure License Program, be prepared to submit the following

  • High School Diploma, GED or Transcript Indicating Graduation Date
  • Proof of Age 17 or greater
  • State Issued Identification
  • Copy of Social Security Card
  • 2 Passport photos 2×2 (can be purchased at Walgreen’s, CVS or Alamo City Barber College for $20.00)

Program Components:

  • Duration: Approximately 16 weeks, in circumstances whereby graduation from the program extends beyond 16 weeks, the student will be assessed an hourly charge of $3.30 per hour; until the required number of hours to satisfy the course requirements are attained.
  • Must complete 600 training hours for a state license
  • Must pass a written and practical examination
  • School Hours: 8:00 am – 10:00 pm (Tuesday – Saturday) and Closed on Sunday and Monday

Theory Class Times:

Course Name Days Offered Start Time End Time Required Hours
Manicure Theory Tuesday-Friday 2:15 PM 3:15 PM 45


  • To offer a barber curriculum consistent with the requirements outlined by the Texas Department of Licensing and Registration, to provide our students with the ability to successfully complete the Class A Barber, Barber Refresher and/or Instructor Examination upon graduating from ACBC.
  • To develop relationships with local Barber establishments, for the purpose of facilitating the transition of graduating students to full time barbers.
  • To partner with graduates to develop opportunities for college and/or barber shop ownership.